This month’s featured DBE is J&J Contractors, based in Iola and certified in Kansas and Oklahoma. They specialize in guardrail, reinforced concrete box bridges, concrete paving, rebar installation, and seeding.

J&J is operated by Nicolle Hoepker who took over the business in 2017 from her mother, Jackie Jensen. Jackie started the company in 1987. A small, family-run business, it’s not impossible to have 3 generations working on the same job site. 

Nicolle grew up around the business and she remembers “at a young age going to look at work, making notes on plans, and working on estimates on the way home.” Before 2017, she worked as Office Manager, Safety Officer, and EEO Officer. She also had experience working on payroll and contracts. “I am a numbers person, so I enjoy the competitive bid process and the job costing.”

In her leadership role, Nicolle is focused on safety and quality. “Safety is our number one priority with each team member doing their part to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. We also strive for quality work. We don’t have to be the biggest, we want to be the best.”

When not working, Nicolle enjoys time with her family on the farm, camping, or boating. She also enjoys reading and watching movies. 

Three generations of J&J Contractors that worked on the same box project
Includes Nicolle and her father, husband, brother, three children, and niece.