I am excited to invite this community to join us for an 8-part leadership class starting Thursday, November 9th!

The course is being taught by Abby Young, LSCSW, ACHT of Tillery Time Consulting LLC. She has presented to DBE Supportive Service members in the past and I am excited by the topics being covered in this course.

The dates (spread through out November, December, and January to avoid conflicts with holidays, travel, and school breaks) and times are listed  below. The first 7 sessions will take part on Zoom but the last session will take place in the Wichita/Newton area on the evening of Friday, February 2nd. Dinner, drinks, and one night’s stay in a hotel are included. You are welcome to bring other individuals from your company to the in-person session (we will reach out to enrolled participants at a later date to confirm attendance for February 2nd event).

If you have ANY questions about this course, please email me or Abby Young.


Enroll here!

During this class you will learn:

  • how people’s experiences and stories impact their behavior, productivity, and work outcomes
  • how to support employees to improve workforce stability
  • environmental and situational triggers that cause anxiety and impact daily work life
  • that how you show up as a leader impacts innovation of employees and the company as a whole

Course structure:
There are two types of classes that will alternate: a teaching session (90 minutes) and an experiential session (up to 30 minutes) where Abby will lead participants through short exercises to demonstrate the previous week’s teaching.